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Electropyrocartridge UDP1-3 (PDF, 147 KB)
Electropyrocartridge UDP2-1 (PDF, 135 KB)
Electropyrocartridge DP4-1 (PDF, 126 KB)
Electropyrocartridge DP4-2 (PDF, 136 KB)
Electropyrocartridge DP4-3 (PDF, 126 KB)
Electropyrocartridge EPK-28-6 (PDF, 130 KB)
Electropyrocartridge EPK-28-T1 (PDF, 129 KB)
Electropyrocartridge EPK-28-T2 (PDF, 138 KB)
Electropyrocartridge PDO-1 (PDF, 141 KB)
Electropyrocartridge 20CF4D (PDF, 132 KB)


Pyrocartridge 120-4-2785 (PDF, 125 KB)
Pyrocartridge No1 Mk-1 3 grains (PDF, 130 KB)
Pyrocartridge No1 Mk-1 4 grains (PDF, 130 KB)
Pyrocartridge No2 Mk-2 66 grains (PDF, 125 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-3M-1 (PDF, 124 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-5-2 (PDF, 121 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-7T (PDF, 124 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-16 (PDF, 122 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-16M (PDF, 121 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-16ML (PDF, 123 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-21FL (PDF, 122 KB)
Pyrocartridge PK-21M-2 (PDF, 120 KB)
Pyrocartridge PP-3 (PDF, 128 KB)
Pyrocartridge PP-9 (PDF, 129 KB)
Pyrocartridge PP-9RSM (PDF, 140 KB)
Pyrocartridge PPL (PDF, 128 KB)
Pyrocartridge PPL-T (PDF, 128 KB)
Pyrocartridge PPM-2 (PDF, 128 KB)
Pyrocartridge PT-8M-2 (PDF, 123 KB)
Pyrocartridge PV-50 (PDF, 128 KB)
Pyrocartridge PV-35 (PDF, 123 KB)
Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-0.5 (PDF, 122 KB)
Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-0 (PDF, 122 KB)
Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-1 (PDF, 122 KB)
Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-4 (PDF, 129 KB)
Pyrocartridge VMP-2M (PDF, 124 KB)


Pyrocutter R-4 (PDF, 127 KB)
Pyrocutter R-7 (PDF, 127 KB)


Electropyrostriker EPU-253 (PDF, 133 KB)

Signal Cartridge

Signal Cartridge SP-26 (PDF, 155 KB)
Signal Cartridge SP-39 (PDF, 136 KB)
Signal Cartridge 15 mm (PDF, 128 KB)
Minilux Personal Signaling Kit (PDF, 134 KB)
Hand Signal Cartridge PSND-30 (PDF, 349 KB)

Rocket Engine

Rocket Engine URM-1 (PDF, 199 KB)

Rocket Fuels

Rocket Fuel PZ-AL (PDF, 131 KB)
Rocket Fuel PZ-AM (PDF, 131 KB)
Rocket Fuel PZM (PDF, 131 KB)
Propellant Charge DBP-S8KOM (PDF, 128 KB)

Countermeasure Infrared Flares

Countermeasure Decoy Flare TM-M206 (PDF, 145 KB)
Countermeasure Decoy Flare PPI-50-1 (PDF, 134 KB)
Countermeasure Decoy Flare PPI-50-3 (PDF, 128 KB)
Countermeasure Decoy Flare PPI-50-3-110 (PDF, 135 KB)
Countermeasure Decoy Flare PPI-26-1V (PDF, 135 KB)
Countermeasure Decoy Flare 26 mm (PDF, 138 KB)
Countermeasure Decoy Flare MJU-7A/B (PDF, 138 KB)
Impulse Cartridge for Countermeasure Flares TM-BBU-35 (PDF, 137 KB)
Impulse Cartridge for Countermeasure Flares BBU-36/B (PDF, 133 KB)

Countermeasure Radar Chaffs

Countermeasure Chaffs Cartridge PPR-50 (PDF, 135 KB)
Countermeasure Chaffs Cartridge PPR-50-17-110 (PDF, 130 KB)
Countermeasure Radar Chaffs Cartridge PPR-26 (PDF, 333 KB)
Countermeasure Radar Chaffs TM RR-170 (PDF, 143 KB)
Impulse Cartridge for Countermeasure Radar Chaffs TM-BBU-35 (PDF, 137 KB)
Impulse Cartridge for Countermeasure Radar Chaffs BBU-36/B (PDF, 133 KB)

Fuses for Artillery and Mortar Shells

Fuse UT M69 (PDF, 130 KB)
Fuse UT M68 (PDF, 135 KB)
Fuse UT M68P1 (PDF, 89 KB)
Fuse UT M68P2 (PDF, 145 KB)
Fuse UTIU, M72B1 (V429) (PDF, 157 KB)
Igniter PBP-S8KOM (PDF, 131 KB)
Additional Igniter 9-BM-623 (PDF, 135 KB)

Trip Flare

Trip Flare TF-12 (PDF, 140 KB)

Percussion Cap

Percussion Cap KVM-3 (PDF, 159 KB)
Percussion Cap KV-9 (E-96) (PDF, 143 KB)


Flash Bang Grenade BRZ-M93 (PDF, 366 KB)
Hand Grenade BR-M75 (PDF, 373 KB)
Hand Shock Grenade BRS-M93 (PDF, 372 KB)
Hand Shock Grenade M10 (PDF, 372 KB)
Percussion Detonator UD-M76P1 (PDF, 146 KB)
Practice Grenade BRV-M75P1 (PDF, 130 KB)
Practice Percussion Detonator VUD-M76P1 (PDF, 137 KB)
Fuse UBR-M75P1 (PDF, 148 KB)
Fuse UBRV-M75P1 (PDF, 138 KB)

Air-Air Missiles

Complete overhaul of air-air missile R-60 / R-73 (PDF, 176 KB)
Readjustment of missile assignment air-air missiles R-60 / R-73 (PDF, 159 KB)

Other Products

Rubber Bullet 38 mm (PDF, 135 KB)
Rotating Mount PKM-M84 (PDF, 149 KB)
Ignition Tube TV-10 (PDF, 138 KB)
Pyrobolt 8x55 (PDF, 132 KB)